Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sun City Apartment


Chum-reap-sur (hello) from Phnom Penh.
Welcome back with LIM!!

Today, I would like to introduce an apartment located in Boeung Keng Kang I, which was established in the earliest 2012. It is Sun City. This apartment is one of the most modern service-apartment and office space in Phnom Penh and located in the most convenience part of Phnom Penh. You can reach many restaurants, spas, convenience stores and medical clinics within a 5 minute walk. Yet, this is a quiet and relax community.

Let’s explore Sun City.

And this is entrance.

After walking in, you will have to use the card from reception to use the elevator, otherwise you can not go up. However, if you are becoming a resident in here, you will get card(s) for VIP. This is one of the most secure measure from apartment service.

Let’s have a look at interiors.
We have comfortable bedroom.

Nice living room

Dining room

Modern kitchen

Beautiful balcony to view the city.

Special services included:
·         Cleaning service (twice a week)
·         Laundry and linen care
·         Cable TV
·         Free Fiber Optic Hi-Speed Internet
·         Private 19m swimming pool
·         Gym
·         Lobby lounge
·         Daily newspaper
·         24-hour security guards
·         Parking (on request)
·         24-hour electrical back-up power

Please contact us if you have any question.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"De Castle Royal"

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen!

This is Linda from AnnaHome. Can you guess where I am now???

I am at the rooftop garden of the highest luxurious building located in the center of Phnom Penh city called “De Castle Royal”. Right here from the 33th floor you can enjoy with the most beautiful view of the whole city….

Face to East


From North to South and from South to everywhere, the view is perfectly great.

Fantastic view and even more fantastic “De Castle Royal” also surrounded by all kinds of special facilities as followings.

25m Swimming pool,

Operating from 7:00am to 10:00pm.

Gym, (Techno Gym equipment)

Sauna, (Ladies and Gents)

Mini Shop,

Children's park, Cafeteria and everything is all in one place.
Even more impressively, De Castle Royal is the most convenience residence and secured location in BKK1. (No one allow to enter the building without permission)

Card type lockable entrance

So please come to see our fully furnished showroom :)

If you chose De Castle Royal, you are able to join the Celebrity life and experience the most convenience and comfortable life.

Please feel free to contact us!!

Anna Home Leasing Service has below benefits,

1) We don't charge any commission from you.

2) We will help you to move in the new residence.

AnnaHome, your best real estate partner.

Thank you for reading our blog. See you then!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AnnaCam New member LIM

My name is Kokheng. I was born at Kompong Thom province but I moved to Phnom Penh since I was 8 years old. I was graduated from Royal University of Phnom Penh, Japanese Department in 2009 and English Department in 2011.

I like soccer but I don’t have much time to play. I like watching big soccer game too when there are World Cup, UEFA EURO cup, UEFA Champions league and UEFA Europa league matches. For gaming, I like to play clash of clan. I always 3 stars when I attack in war.

Currently, I am working at AnnaCam Partners as high grade apartment services with Japanese Quality. We are finding good apartments in good locations with safety, convenience, and good quality of living. Our specialties are no commission charging from our clients and helping to move in to their new apartments. We always try our best to satisfy customers because when our customers happy, we are also happy. J

Please leave your task to us if you are looking for apartment for rent or sale. J

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

AnnaCam New member Ms. Linda!!

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen!

This is Eang Linda, known as the first female champion in “Next Generation”, 
a televised debate show.

Currently, I am studying Business and working at AnnaCam Partners.

I have a lot of big dreams but one of my dream is to help people finding the best residence that they would enjoy living and spending their happiness life over there.

If you plan to live or living in Cambodia, you might find out this is a beautiful country, but it is not always easy to find the beautiful and best residence in the city. 

It doesn't matter if you stay for a long or a short time in Cambodia, me from AnnaCam will help you to choose the right one for you. “What’s best for you, will be good for me.”

See you then!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back to hometown ~Bon holiday in Cambodia~ 田舎へ帰ろう  〜カンボジアのお盆休み、プッチュンバン〜

This page includes photos of slaughtering chickens and pigs.


Under the bright and clear sky,


*Roads are not paved so well that masks are necessary to prevent a cloud of dusts.

We drove a motorbike heading to my friend’s hometown.

It took two hours to get to “Kor Villa”.
友人の故郷「Kor Villa」に到着。

   I asked him if I could climb by myself, but he refused it because of its dangerousness.



  He twisted it off and dropped it to the ground.

       It was so hardy. It didn’t get any damages, even it was dropped from 10 meters height!


I don’t really like coconut juice, but,

   selling price : 700Riel = 0.17$

  Market price = 0.5$

It was really good!

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but fresh one is the best at all.

 They slaughtered chickens on the spot...


 Pulled those birds!


And then, I ate it all with gratitude.

In Japan, they know how to show it without reality,

So, people might not imagine killing animals.

But eventually it takes the same process to be eaten by people.

What we need is thanking them.

※I likes dogs which they don’t throw itself at people, not like Japanese ones.

Here, dogs are not for “having” but more like for living together as a part of your family.

So they don’t flatter on human. It’s the cool way.

After that, we drank intently!

Cambodian people can drink a lot. They got me...

 I even drank around 10 cans of beer…

There were hundreds of my friend’s relatives.

When I was making the rounds to greet them,

They called me, one after another.

 And, a pig arrived.


 Peeled its skin…!!!


There we go!!

Thank everything so much.

Next number is going to be about Cambodian temples and so on from Green.

See you then!

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